NOVEMBER 16, 2008
It's been a week since the Galloping Goose has arrived, and I'd love to run it.  But it's been one delay
after another.  First I had to build a ramp system for getting it on and off the trailer, with barely an hour
before dark each evening. Then the rain - Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Then a short circuit when my
brother-in-law tinkered with it (fortunately just the headlight circuit).   And finally, on a cold and windy
day a week later,  we got her off the trailer and onto the railroad to take her for a spin.
OFF THE TRAILER -  I had to have Charlotte standing on the front side of the trailer so it
wouldn't lift off the ground as the heavy Goose moved back.
ON THE TRACKS - FINALLY -  It was quite a relief to have it off the ramp and onto the
tracks for the first time.
GALLOPING - Yep, she's finally galloping along under her own power!
READY TO RUN - I'm perched on the seat but haven't started her up yet.
BABY'S FIRST DERAILMENT - I didn't stop it in time, and it rolled right off the active track
and onto the unconnected track panels.  It's a lot heavier than it looks!
CHARLOTTE'S TURN - It looks like she's at the controls and running it, but actually
she's just posing.  Maybe next time she'll take it for a spin.
LOCKED AND LOADED - Up the ramp, chocks in place, ready to go back to the garage.
This is the first time the golf cart pulled this heavy a load uphill.  It did just fine.
COMIN ATCHA - She's headed straight for the camera. Better get out of the way!