NOVEMBER 8, 2008
We need some sort of locomotive!  I found something suitable in DiscoverLiveSteam.com, a model of Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No. 1.  I called
the owner from the parking lot of the Pisgah Central RR and made the initial deal.  But these big trains are not the kind you can pack in a box and ship Parcel
Post; no, you have to go and pick them up in person.   So I made plans to pick up the Goose - way out near Springfield Missouri - the very next weekend.
MINIVAN IS READY - van is measured, seats are stowed, rack is built, and soon I will
pack up for the trip.  I forgot something...see below.
ON THE ROAD - I wanted to watch trains in Cumberland, but the main line was out of
sevice and all I could see on the main line was a Hi-Rail truck.
I left at 6 AM and got to St. Louis about 8 PM eastern time. Here's a picture of the
Gateway Arch as I drove in heavy traffic over the Mighty Mississippi.  I drove another two
hours southwest to St. Robert to tie down for the night, about 1050 miles.
The next morning I went to Bob's place near Springfield to pick up the Goose. First Bob
and Jane served coffee and cookies and then we went out into the cold to load up the
Goose.  Here Bob is pushing the Goose into the minivan.
Peetee gets a warmup hug from Daddy.  The weather had turned
cold and windy, about 35 degrees at dawn.
The Goose and its stand are loaded and Bob's little dog Peetee is checking out the
rigging.  Everything fit well, even the 10-foot-long rails on the top of the stand.
On the main railroad is a beautiful bridge spanning the pond. This would be a great
spot to pose the Travelling Budd Car!  But alas, I had forgotten to bring it along.
Peetee was anxious to show me the two garden railroads, and here is a rare moment
when he slowed down long enough for me to get a picture.
Soon after I left Bob's for the trip home, I filled up with the cheapest gas I
have seen in years. Just three months ago we were paying 4.00 a gallon!