G-DAY 2003
It had rained all week, including a 3.5-inch deluge on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday we had Open House
anyway.  There were puddles and mud everywhere.  But that did not deter the curiosity of our visitors.  
We had about 60 guests on Saturday and 80 more on Sunday.  On Saturday, while I ran trains and talked,
Charlotte spread lots of red gravel so our guests wouldn't sink in the mud.  On Sunday, Ken Brunt and Don
Condiff pitched in to run the trains so I could run my mouth.  Hopefully we made a lot of people happy
and maybe even inspired a few.  I was a little too busy to take many pictures but here's a few.
Guests of all ages are watching the coal train snake by.  Our "hostess" Honey was laying down
somewhere out of camera range, exhausted from greeting all the visitors.  This was the driest part of
the back yard.  The braver ones (and all the kids) ventured out to the muddier parts of the yard.
One family that visited Saturday didn't have enough mud on their shoes, so they returned
on Sunday for more.  Meet Debbie, Michael, and Rob, who are ready to start building a
garden railroad.  Notice how Michael got a little bit more mud on his shoes than Mom and
The sun finally came out on Sunday, so these folks are enjoying the shade.  That guy
in the sunshine is probably losing his shoes in the muck.
JUNE 21-22, 2003