THE HAPPY CREW - Joe relaxes between trains while Bob and Carl work
Brunswick Yard and Doug looks on.  The railroad models CSX and Western
Maryland in the Cumberland - Hagerstown - Brunswick area.  Tonight we're
running the CSX only.
THE DISPATCHER - Dick is running the tower tonight.  The computer screen
displays routes and operates the turnouts.  The trains run on a schedule and
crews communicate with the dispatcher by radio.
HAGERSTOWN YARD is in the center of the main room, and is the center of
Western Maryland operations. But it's quiet tonight while we run CSX trains on
the two-track main skirting the right side of the yard.  Just as in the real thing, NS
and B&O have smaller facilities nearby.
CUMBERLAND YARD - Two sets of engines are laying over at
Cumberland's engine terminal.  The yard switcher is at the lower left.  There are
seven classification tracks here at the west end.  Several trains originate or
terminate here, as well as through trains that drop off or pick up cuts of cars.
WAYBILL - This is the waybill for a tank car headed for Baltimore.  When the
car gets to Baltimore, the destination card will be flipped to the next destination.