August 4, 2007
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A Pennsylvania Railroad GP-38 pulls a coal train through the massive Hell's Gate Bridge.
A pair of F-3's roar past a GP-7 idling in the yard.
A Budd Car pokes out of the tunnel.
In the foreground the Budd Car crosses a steel truss bridge while an owl watches
over a cascading stream in the background.
The Budd Car has just picked up passengers and will soon leave town, with the lush
trees in the background.  The New Jersey Pinelands are a few miles to the east.
Closeups of the steel truss bridge and Hell's Gate Bridge.
A pedestrian overpass makes it easy to cross the tracks to the center of the layout.
Overhead view of an F-3
locomotive about to cross
under the pedestrian overpass.
The name of this garden railroad is very appropriate, since it's located near a number of cranberry
fields and the New Jersey Pinelands.  Join us as we tour this fine railroad during its very first Open