DANGER - The front of the car is hanging over the edge, 43 inches straight
down (104 scale feet) onto a hard concrete floor.  So I wanted to make it safer.
OUT OF DANGER - I installed a guard rail of 3-inch strips of luaun
plywood, mounted 3.5 inches from the track centerline, just enough to clear
the Budd Car.
OH NO - After the safety barrier was in place, I thought the trains were safe
from falling onto the floor.  But the Budd Car derailed 30 feet away, and I
couldn't catch it in time.  It fell onto the floor - HARD.
THE DAMAGE - One of the underbody housings broke off, both of the
vestibules were knocked off kilter, and the headlight batteries fell out.  But the
main batteries, receiver, and motor were still working.  The frame is bent but
not broken..
THE CULPRIT - The wheel on the right has lost its traction tire, causing it to
stumble over turnouts.  This time it picked the points of a turnout and took a
right turn, right off the edge!
OFF KILTER - Another view of the damage, showing the rear vestibule.  One
of the windows fell out, but there are no broken pieces or cracks.
BENT FRAME - The frame was bent on both ends.  I was able to straighten it
with a pair of needlenose pliers the next day.
CAR WASH - Since the body was off the frame, I gave it a good wash with
the garden hose.  Soon the Budd Car was reassembled and ready for more