MARCH 1-3, 2008
FIRST PLANK - Instead of a single flat table, I wanted to have the tracks
supported by benchwork around the edges.  Saturday morning the first board
was installed.
BASIC STRUCTURE - More 2x4's have been installed, all at an elevation of
53 inches.  It will support the loop track for continuous running.
PLYWOOD INSTALLED - the plywood is 11/16 CDX plywood, very
strong at a reasonable cost.  These particular pieces were salvaged from the
old railroad.
TRACKWORK COMPLETE - A short coal train takes a spin on the new
trackage.   The engine is on a 40-inch-radius curve, which starts with an easy
transition curve.
RIGHT UP TO THE EDGE - The 449 goes right up to the end of the new
track.  Almost all the track in the picture is new, about 36 feet installed this
PROUD RAILROADER - Charlotte took a picture of me shortly after I'd
shown the new railroad to three visitors who seemed rather impressed.
BEFORE - This closet will soon be the site of two concentric loops, one a 40
inch radius and the other a 50 inch radius.
MONDAY PROGRESS - The corners of the edge boards join at a 33 degree
angle.  It took several adjustments to get it right. I only had an hour to work on
it today.