PAGE 4 - FEB. 9 & 10
CLEARED THROAT - The yard's throat is cleared off and painted.  In the
distance the main line curves off to the right.
UP UP AND AWAY - the main line begins its ascent at a steady 2.4 percent
grade, with tracks at 60 inch and 54 inch radius.  The base is half-inch luaun
NEW TRACK - the new handlaid track is starting up the hill.  It takes about
12 minutes to build per foot of track.  Rail and ties are recycled from the old
VIEW FROM ABOVE - the new track as seen from the other side.  The ties
are 1/4 by 3/8 by 3.4 inches, made of clear white pine.  Rail is code 250
NEW BENCHWORK - a new piece has been added, the right side higher
than the left, reflecting the uphill climb of the tracks.
MEASURING THE GRADE - this level has a piece of half-inch material
attached at 20.8 inches from the right end, so a centered bubble is exactly a
2.4 percent grade.
CURVE TEMPLATE - This template made from .030 inch styrene is used to
ensure that the inside rail smoothly follows a 53 inch radius, for a 54" radius
SPIKING - with a track gauge close by, a rail is being spiked to the tie.  
Gauge is 45 mm between inside surfaces of the rails.  Spikes are 1/2"
19-gauge wire nails.
NEW GUARDRAIL - In this complicated maze of rail
and ties known as a 3-way turnout, one of the routes
(the lower one in this photo) was causing derailments.  
I  installed a new guardrail to keep the wheels from
picking the point of the frog.  There wasn't much room
for the right end of the guardrail, but I filed it to fit, and
here's the finished product.