FEBRUARY 1-6, 2009
It's bitter cold outside.  We had a little snow that turned to freezing rain, and a
sheet of ice coated the snow.  Picturesque maybe, but not good for working
No "Before" pictures to show you, just "After."  The switcher is running on the
new main line, approaching a new turnout.  Trains coming down the hill from
outside (far right track) can now cross over to the new main line.
The old main line is along the wall on the upper part of the picture.  The gondola
is riding on a new turnout, so new that it's not even finished yet!
The train is approaching a new "S" curve.  It's on a 40 inch radius curve, the
tight-est curve the Mikado can handle. Now we have a way to turn it
between trips.
The other problem solved is a double-track curve whose tracks were spaced
too close for passing trains.  It was 5 3/4 inch spacing, now it's 6 1/4 inches.
The train is on a 60-inch radius curve approaching the yard.  The old main line
is behind it, where it ran along the wall.  That will become a siding soon.