What?  A loop of track where you have to pick up locomotives and cars to set them on the track?  Not on this railroad!  So the
time has come to connect the "Kidney Branch" to the rest of the railroad...with a new 60-foot line from the Bilco door to the
Kidney Branch.
The turnout was installed on July 27 but it was two weeks before the new line
was built.  The weather was hot and there were some rails to paint first.
On the morning of August 9, I set up the table saw, and Honey and Sunshine
came out to help me survey the new line.
Midnight checked it out for me, and with his approval, I could assemble the
By early afternoon, the trackbed was in place but needed some adjustment.
Once the track was in place, it was time to check it out.  The Budd Car took
the honors, while Honey witnesses the occasion.
Here's an overall view of the new connector track and the Kidney Branch.  
Red shale ballast has been installed, and the Portable Eggliner Railroad has
been set up inside the loop.  A number of buildings have been set up too.
The horses look on as a train glides around the loop.  The train has come out of the basement and
ran down the new track to reach the Kidney Branch, and will have to run backward to return to
the basement.  Charlotte wants me to install a wye at this spot so the trains don't have to run