Charlotte had a job for me this week.  She is a Volunteer Mounted Patrol, and her organization was hosting a Judged Pleasure Ride, in which horses and riders
are subject to obstacles that are difficult or frightening to horses.  They had to walk on a tarp, cross a pond with bright inflatables on each side, pass between
cages of live chickens, approach a mannikin and take off its hat, and in our case, pass between cones and a running Eggliner train!  My job this week was to
build a railroad for this event.
We set up a cushion so Honey could be comfortable while she supervised the
con-struction.  We built it with one sheet of 3/4 plywood and a couple 1x6
Charlotte carries a newly-completed curve section to the back yard.  She
insisted on setting it up all by herself to she could do it without help at the big
She slides one of the straight sections into slots in the curve section.  Each
straight section has two U-channels to fit the sections together snugly.
The basic railroad is now assembled and the Eggliner train is running.  
Charlotte will we decorating it with birdhouses, flowers, and a lawn kite.
Charlotte leads Tomecca to the layout. He's not sure what this thing is.
The train is not running yet, and he's very curious. That's a "fly mask" on his
We turned on the train and it took him 10 minutes to get this close.
A few minutes later, he is not frightened of the approaching train.  He enjoyed
sniffing the birdhouses and the freshly-painted plywood.
He sniffs the train as it goes by...                                                                      ....and lets it pass without derailing
At the Judged Pleasure Ride the next day (June 21), the Eggliner Railroad was
Ostacle Number 11.  It was the most difficult obstacle at the event.  Out of 80
horses and riders, only 15 made it through without a major problem.
Two of the riders look over the railroad.  They had never seen anything like it
anywhere.  Charlotte was very grateful for several people who helped at setup
and our daughter Brianne who helped talk the riders through the obstacle.