JUNE 14, 2008
CLEARED ON TRACK 2 - Midnight was waiting for the train to pass, so
now he can go ahead and walk on the main line.
GUESS WHO I RAN INTO TODAY - Midnight the Cat!  Yes, he did get
out of the way before the train hit him.  He just HAD to be in the picture!
PEEK-A-BOO - If you look closely, you can see a Lehigh Valley engine
inside the tunnel.  In this case the tunnel liner is all natural!
INTO THE DAYLIGHT - The train emerges from the tunnel.  THis is truly a
"Brush Tunnel," not just a name for a tunnel on the Western Maryland Scenic
THROUGH THE MEADOW - actually a flower of some sort, but at the
moment it is a nice thick ground cover.
THROUGH THE JOHNNY JUMP-UPS - The violets have been blooming
for almost two months now, while many other flowers have come and gone.
FLOWERING FRONT YARD - The tall plant on the right has just started
the azalea on the left is about done, and the blue flowers started blooming 2
days ago.
WAITING FOR CLEARANCE - the train is ready to come back inside, but
the dispatcher has to check for obstructions, including cats.