SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2008
IN THE SHADE - Honey gets a treat from her friend Doug, a G scaler from
Brookhaven PA.  Honey loves these open houses!
MAKING NEW FRIENDS - Doug also brought carrots for the horses.  
Smokey loves carrots and Tomecca knows he will get some too.
REAL HORSE AND IRON HORSE - Tomecca watchs the coal train from
afar.  For hours he was utterly fascinated by the Things That Move On The
The kids on the left are checking out the railroad by the house but they haven't
noticed the Eggliners in the box in the foreground.
They had a great time figuring out how to run the Eggliners and running them on
the track.  Those Eggliners are sturdy little things, great for kids to tinker with.
BREAK FROM THE HEAT - Everyone was happy to come down into the
cool basement and I was happy to take them!
Jim, Ken, Carl, Cliff, Tomecca, Charlotte, Steve, Doug, and Jeannie, and
Honey enjoy some nice conversation in the shade.
Tomecca and Steve became good friends.  Sometimes it's hard to get pets to
pose for the camera.  Tomecca was enjoying some delicious grass.
HONEY'S FAN CLUB - Paul is giving Honey a box of special dog treats.   
They smell good even from the outside of the box!
ESPECIALLY FOR HONEY - I didn't know there was a whole line of dog
treats just for Honey, but here's the proof.  Those treats look delicious!