Steve greeted Honey as soon as he arrived.  She's too old to get up but she
loves a pat on the head!  Steve's a G scaler who will have an open house later
this month.
Mike gives Honey a scratch on the chin while his Dad and Charlotte watch.  
Mike and Dan have been to many of our open houses over the years.
Honey gets a scratch from a new friend, Ken.  A few minutes later, I see a bug
on my arm that looks something like a lightning bug but more of a red color.  
Ken says "Oh, that's a Cecil County lightning bug...notice it's got a red neck!"
Tomecca wanted to see everybody, so Charlotte brought him over.  That's
Paul, Ken, John, and Suzanne.  Paul's wife Georgia is off camera to the left.  A
few minutes later she helped Charlotte with the horse.
Tomecca gave horseback rides to some of the kids.  But we had to stop the
trains first because they made him very nervous.
A wonderful group of guests stopped by later in the day, members of the
Garden State Railroad Club.  And Honey gets another pat on the head!
It was very hot outside today, about 96 degrees, so I was happy to show our
guests the basement railroad.  It was nice and cool down there.
Here the folks from Jersey are getting back in their cars, which filled up most
of our little front-yard parking lot.  Next they will visit Karl's open house.
Later Dick and Judy stopped by - actually I had to drag them away from Karl's
open house a couple miles away - and here they're enjoying the cool
basement.  They had visited 12 garden railroads today!
As the coal train sped around the curve - WHAM! - it hit something - the
trans-mitter I left on the track!  Fortunately the guard rail kept everything from
falling on the concrete floor.  Thank you, Charlotte, for insisting I build that
guard rail!
LAST MINUTE CONSTRUCTION - Friday night I cleared tools off the
tabletop and installed 4 turnouts and tracks for locomotives and cabooses.
DRINKS AND SNACKS - Charlotte set up coolers of lemonade and iced
tea, plus a cooler filled with water bottles and drink boxes, plus a basket of
chips and pretzels.