JUNE 3, 2008
BEFORE - The railroad will loop around the edge of this kidney-shaped
CONSTRUCTION - Honey relaxes in the shade, while Daddy has a trailer
loaded with tools and wood, and the table saw is set up at a convenient spot at
the worksite.
TRACKBED GOLDEN SPIKE - Not very fancy, but after two hours of solid
work, the trackbed has been completed.  It's a total of 80 feet long.
INSTALLING TRACK - Here's the tracklaying process at work.  I'm using
Aristo code 332 aluminum track in 5 foot pieces, recycled from the old
GOLDEN SPIKE CEREMONY - Well, plain old drywall screw anyway, but
the Budd Car and GP40 face each other while the "spike" is being "driven."
THE CROWD - well, not much of a crowd, but at least Honey and I are
there to witness the event.  Not exactly trancontinental, either, more like 0.44
scale miles.
IF THE BUDD CAR CAN DO IT - anything can.  It will derail on bad spots
in the track that don't bother anything else.  It did just fine, even on this reverse
SMOOTH SPOT - this easy curve here is not likely to derail anything
anytime.  But there are a couple of tight turns that may cause problems with
some of the trains.
RURAL SCENE - the horses graze in the background while the Budd Car takes a spin on the new