JUNE 1, 2008
A couple of railroad buddies of mine, Chris and Mark, stopped by after visiting
the nearby Wilmington and Western.  They said hello to Honey as soon as they
We were running the indoor trains and Charlotte suggested our guests stand
inside the loop to hear the sounds of the train better - true "surround sound."
The train climbed up the hill to head outside.  But as the train approached the
doorway, Midnight the Cat decided he wanted to stand his ground.  My main
worry was a panicked cat dropping the train seven feet to the concrete floor
The couplers on these heavyweight cars have been modified so the cars are very
close to one another.  We tried them out on a 36-inch-radius curve and they
worked fine.
Next we ran this RS-3 which Mark recently painted in the Steelers colors of the
"Mil-lersvillanova Railroad."  (Mark's wife went to Millersville State College and
he went to Villanova). The engine had no problem pulling the battery car and 4
heavyweight cars.
Then we ran Chris' custom painted New Haven RS-3.  Here it's pushing
through the violet patch.  It has a very nice Phoenix sound system.  Besides
these two RS-3's, there were 5 more of my own in the basement.
The bright orange color looks good in the colorful flowerbed.  The paint job
was done by Jeff Damerst of Shawmut Car Shops.
The train skirts the garden out by the front yard.  It would have been nice to
see an Amish buggy or a farm tractor passing by in the distance, but no such
luck today.
Then Chris dug out his B&O GP-40.  It looks good, runs smoothly, but
apparently there's a leak in the smoke system and smoke fluid was coating the
fuel tank.
What a nice license plate!  Chris is a volunteer engineer at the B&O Railroad
Museum, so, yes, his "other car" is indeed a locomotive!