APRIL 27, 2008
WORM'S EYE VIEW - The Western Maryland GP-40 poses for a portrait with the
camera down on the ground looking up.
BUDD IN THE GRASS - The Budd Car poses between the flowers and the grass.  
The yellow flowers behind it are the same ones in front of the GP-40.
ENTERING THE FOREST - The train is about to enter the forest consisting of
flowering bushes that I can't identify.  The vegetation had to be trimmed back some.
BUDD IN THE WOODS - The Budd Car has just passed the spot the coal train
was in on the picture to your left.
REVERSING TRACK - The train is running on the new reversing track, which
enables it to run back into the basement head first.
HEADING HOME - The train is about ten feet further up the line, headed back to
the house and the long downhill run to the main yard.
THROUGH THE VIOLETS - The Budd Car is running through a pretty field of
violets in the front yard.
SPLASH OF COLOR - The Lehigh Valley engine's Cornell Red and yellow go well
with the bright colors of the flowers.  Midnight just HAD to get in the picture!
FIRST DERAILMENT - The hopper cars had derailed just after a switch, so I
thought maybe there was a problem with the trackwork.
HERE'S THE CULPRIT - It wan't the trackwork, it was a piece of weed that got
between the wheels.  Nothing was damaged except my pride.