APRIL 24-27, 2008
HELPER - Midnight the cat helps build the curved track on Friday evening.  
Soon it will be dark and we'll have to put away our tools.
NORTH CURVE - The train poses on new track in the front yard with a
beautiful dogwood tree in the background. This is as far north as the railroad
TWO HOBBIES - I'm enjoying my railroad hobby while Charlotte enjoys her
horse hobby by saddling up Tomecca for a ride today.  Smokey will be staying
SLEEPING ON THE JOB - Honey found a nice place in the middle of the
garden and took a snooze while I worked on installing track.
STILL RESTING - Honey is still napping a half hour later.  Meanwhile another
15 feet of track has been installed.  The loop is now complete.
MOW THE LAWN OR INSTALL A TURNOUT? - The turnout won.  It's
getting late on Saturday afternoon and the lawn will have to wait.
CATWALK - Midnight entered the basement through the railroad's open
door.  Instead of jumping down, he decided to follow the tracks...
CATWALK II - He's all the way over to the other side of the basement but
still walking on the track.
CATWALK III - You'd think he could jump down to the next level, but no, he
kept walking on the track.
CATWALK IV - I thought for sure he would jump down before going
through the tunnel, but he REALLY wanted to walk the track!