APRIL 19 & 20, 2008
OUT THE DOOR - The Budd Car creeps onto new track installed Saturday
morning. The track descends around the curve to a low spot near the church.
BUDD IN THE GARDEN - The Budd Car rolls past Honey.  The track runs
along the edge of the garden.  In this case the garden was there before the
BUDD LIGHT IN THE MOONLIGHT - There was a full moon on Saturday
night, and I tried to take a picture of the Budd Car in the bright moonlight. The
headlight lights up the track nicely, but there wasn't quite enough light for a clear
TIPTOEING THROUGH THE VIOLETS - The GP-40 glides between beds
of violets.  This location is technically in the front yard.
OUT IN THE FRONT YARD - Sunday afternoon the coal train is at the end
of track, about 76 feet from the point it left the basement.  The track traces the
edge of the garden except at a particularly sharp corner near the engine's
present location.
WE'RE REALLY OUT IN THE COUNTRY - We heard the clip-clop of a
trotting horse and Charlotte grabbed the camera in time to take a picture of an
Amish buggy passing by.  This is about the same angle as the picture on the left.
FRESH AIR - The weather was warm and sunny on Saturday afternoon.  
Charlotte enjoyed it with horseback riding and I enjoyed it with building the