MARCH 20-22,2008
NEW FRAMING - All week I worked on the framing for the track winding
around the site of the old closet.  This may not look like much, but a lot of work
has gone into planning, cutting, and fitting all the various pieces.
NEW TRACK - The track on the left continues the line's steady climb at 2.4
percent grade.  For the curve itself the grade eases to 2 percent.  About eight
feet of track, from the curve to the turnout, was handlaid.  The rest is flex
TIGHT CLEARANCE - Too tight in this case - the car was hitting the pole.  I
had to readjust all the new track 1/4 inch toward the inside of the curve.
BUDD LIGHTS THE SPOT - The Budd Car shines its headlight on the spot
where there will be a hole in the wall.
MAKING A HOLE - With a few knife cuts (front and back) and a couple hits
with the hammer, we are opening a hole in the wall without too much collateral
THE HOLE IN THE WALL - The initial hole is cut.  There will be a lot of
modifications before we are done here.
THE SHORTCUT - The track will go behind the pole.  That's the reasoning
behind the whole thing.  Charlotte was not happy at first, knowing that the trains
have intruded into the other side of the basement.
CLEARANCE CHECK - With a piece of 1x8 pine installed, the track was
laid tem-porarily, checked for clearance, and readjusted.  The Budd Car has
the widest overhang of any piece of equipment in the fleet, including 70 feet
passenger cars.
IT FITS - The track is done now, with just enough clearance at the pole and
the two wall sections.  One of the studs (behind the pole) had to get shaved
quite a bit.
THE OTHER SIDE - This is all you can see from the other side of the
basement.  It has a flat, level top, like a shelf, so it's not "wasted space"