PAGE 1 - JANUARY 19 TO 27, 2008
BEFORE - On the west side of the basement where the indoor railroad will
go, there was a separate room divider with double doors.  This wall has got to
The wall is now gone.  The railroad room is now ready for construction. The
wall on the left is 45 feet long.  The room is 12.5 feet wide plus an extra area
under the stairs.
Here it is after some paint and the installation of three tracks. A track from
outside will wind around the room from an elevation of 85 inches off the floor
down to 43.
It's the afternoon of Saturday the 26th.
Two more 8-foot sections of
benchwork have been installed.  The
section closest to the lamp will contain
all the turnouts for the train yard.
It's Sunday morning. Two three-way switches have been installed.  These were
scratchbuilt several years ago and have never been exposed to the weather.
On Sunday evening the turnouts have been connected to four of the yard
tracks.  All the new trackage is handlaid, using rails and ties recycled from the
old railroad.
The first part of the benchwork is now installed, 27 inches deep, 43 inches
high.  There will be a five-track yard at this location.