SEPT. 13-17, 2010
The idea of this project is to be able to reverse trains on the main line.  I'd love to call it a "wye" but
technically it isn't. A "wye" refers to a track that enables trains to make a three-point turn.     Up to
now, our trains have run counterclockwise around the loop.  With this new track, a train can back up
on the new track, then when it's back on the main line it is pointed clockwise, so it serves the same
purpose as a wye.
ANOTHER TURNOUT DONE - On Saturday the 11th I documented the
time it takes to build a turnout.  It took me just under 6 hours plus time for
DELIVERED TO THE SITE - The new turnout is a Number 6 Left Hand.  It
was made with a frog casting I got from Peter Nuskey, my rail supplier.
CUTTING IN THE NEW SWITCH - I didn't want to move the existing
switch, so I will install the new one as close as possible to this one.  The first
step was to measure for the rail cuts, measure again, make the cuts, and
remove the old track.
INSTALLATION COMPLETE - Two hours later the new switch was
installed and ballasted.  There are still some adjustments to make.  Meanwhile
I built two panels of track.  This time I bent the outside rail before screwing it
JUST ABOUT DONE - I bolted the joint bars, screwed down the outside
rail, added missing ties, and adjusted the curve as well as I could.  The radius
of the new track is 22 feet.  I could have made it larger if I had moved the
switch in the foreground.
FIRST TRAIN - Naturally I had to try it out with a train as soon as the ballast
was down.  It will need some more adjusting and tamping, but for the main
part it's all done.  On Sunday we will have a lot of people riding trains on the
new track!