SURE, COME ON OVER - I was railfanning along the Durango and
Silverton, and between trains I called Phil, a local 1:8 modeler hoping to get a
chance to see his railroad.  He said sure, I'm off today, come on over this
A HOUSE NOT A STATION - Phil and Dana live in this beautiful home on a
hillside east of Durango, a replica of the Rico station of the Rio Grande
Southern Railroad. HO modelers may recognize it as a kit sold by AHM
several years ago.
ON BOARD - It wasn't long before we were riding the railroad, built along the
forested hillside, with over a mile of track including several bridges and a tunnel.
TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE - This is a view of the house from on board
the train.  It crosses the driveway but doesn't go directly in front of the station.
TRESTLE AND TRUSS BRIDGE - We crossed a good number of trestles
and bridges, maybe 8 in all, but sorry, I lost count.
SOME OF THE TRESTLES - at this streambed (maybe I should call it a
gulch) is crossed by six trestles.  We're on the fourth one down.
JARED JUNCTION - There are several small towns along the railroad, this
one named for Phil's son Jared.  There's a station, shed, and water tower here.
GALLOPING GOOSE - I figured since Phil is a Rio Grande Southern fan, he
probably has a model of a Galloping Goose.  We found it in the roundhouse.
PASSENGER CARS - Phil scratchbuilt this Rio Grande Southern baggage car
and a coach in 2.5-inch-to-the-foot scale.  He takes them to meets around the
BUILDING TRACK - Phil has a motto, "Don't Stop Working on the
Railroad."  So here he is, building a track panel.  I agreed to help, so I
worked at it too.