SEPTEMBER 19, 2011
Back in my G Scale days, we had a group of six guys (more or less) who would meet at one of the group's home on a
Monday evening, enjoy running trains, eating dinner, drinking our favorite beverages, munching on snacks, and
socializing.  We hadn't met for quite some time, and when Dick said, Pete, if you agree to host, we'll bring the pizza and
drinks.  Sounds OK to me!
ALL ABOARD - Charlotte suggested we get on board the trains for a group
picture. Left to right: Dick W., Dick D., Ken, Tom, Kenny, and Pete.
ALL SMILES - It wasn't as easy as you'd think to get six adult men smiling for
the camera, but we had to take a lot of retakes to get everybody smiling!
BELLA WANTS IN ON THE ACTION - She was a very good dog, a
wonderful host, but later we had to give her "tips" of pizza crust. (Don't tell
FOOT IN DANGER - Dick doesn't look very worried even though his foot is
in danger of being severed by Number 4.
PULLING A LOAD OF FREIGHT - We used the train to transport the
container of firewood, even though it was only about 30 feet away!
TOOT TOOT - Tom pulls the imaginary whistle cord.  This was his first ride
on the Calvert Central.
TRAFFIC JAM - Ken's holding up two other trains as Dick and Kenny
not-so-patiently wait for him to get moving!
OOPS - Kenny rerouted us many times by throwing switches ahead of our
trains.  Guess he forgot to re-set this one!