JUNE 9-18, 2012
BEFORE - For two years this is what the area looked like. There's a grove of
sassafras trees on the left, hence the name Sassafras Junction.
Next, with Candy's help, we remove a panel of curved track.
Now we get the shovels out and dig a spot for the turnout's new
The turnout's now bolted in place.
...and next we dig a spot and add a piece of straight track.
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It's June 13 now, a day after torrential rains, but the ground was dry enough to
install the #8 turnout, straighten the track, and add an initial layer of ballast.
We start the reconstruction by removing the #6 turnout.
AFTER - Nine days later, the track has been realigned and there's about 50
feet of new track which will connect with the track going through the covered
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