May 30, 2010
I needed something to transport ballast to the more remote locations on the railroad.  At first I was just going to use a wheelbarrow, but
why not make a work car to do the same thing with a lot more fun!  The whole project cost under $25 because I used PVC pipe for the
wheels and axles, and the lumber comes from the cull bin at Home Depot, where you can get a 4-foot piece of 2x4 or 1x6 for 51 cents
if you're lucky!
WHAT'S THIS? - To a plumber it's a PVC 4-inch-to-2-inch adapter.  To a
railroader it's a four inch flanged wheel!
MAKING ADAPTERS- Now we need a 2-inch-to-3/8-inch adapter.  Here
we're using a 2-inch hole saw on 3/4 inch plywood, saving the plug as our
DUCT TAPE COMES IN HANDY - This time we're using it to make the
plug fit nice and tight.  Three turns worked just fine.
DON'T LOSE THAT PLUG - To prevent the plugs from sliding into the
hollow axle, we cut a piece of 1.5 inch PVC pipe 8.25 inches long.
PLUG INSTALLED - a nice tight fit.  The wheelset is now ready for an axle.
AXLES INSTALLED - They slide into holes in 2x4's.  The base is 16x24.
ALMOST DONE - The sides are built of 1x6 pine.  One piece didn't seem
high enough so I added another 3 inch piece.  Charlotte wants it painted
FINISHED - It's  painted black now, the body with latex paint, the wheels
with spray paint.  I tapered the frame's 2x4's and added a drawbar.