AUGUST 15, 2010
As a G scaler, I have belonged to the Mason Dixon Large Scale Railroad Society for 12 years or so, and for
the last 11 years Charlotte and I have hosted the club in late August.  We skipped a year last year, but the
tradition is back.  We also invited a few more of our friends to ride the Calvert Central and enjoy the company
of other railroaders.
Art and Lynn live in nearby Rising Sun.  They have a full size caboose, an
American Flyer layout, and a new G scale layout.  They are certainly enjoying
themselves here!
Joe was wise enough to bring a rain pancho.  It came in real handy because
the predicted sunshine turned out to be rain.  Behind him are Conner and
Lee is driving his wife Mary around the railroad.  I wonder what gesture she is
making with her hands. It looks like "I want to wring his neck!"
With the horses grazing in the background, Lee and Joe have a big smile for
the camera.  The horses wanted to meet everybody but sorry, not today.
THREE JOES - Lee and Joe cruise past a small crowd at the crossing.  That's
Lynn, Manny, Jim, Lee, Joe, Charlotte, Joe, and Joe.  A fourth Joe was here last
PROTECTION FROM THE RAIN - One of the three Joes brought this nice
easy-opening awning.  We placed it in front of the shed so we could have a
MEETING IN THE SHED - We had our meeting inside the nice dry train
shed.  That's Joe's leg, Conner, Robin, Jim, Marie, Mary, and half of Lee's
JUST STOPPING BY - Later that week our friend Rhea dropped by, and of
course Charlotte took her for a train ride.
PROGRESS HALTED - until Piney decided to move after a lot of urging from