October 30, 2010
BUDD MEETS SHAYS - It all started at Karl's G scale Open House.  He
asked me to bring the Budd Car, which has travelled around the country, but
hadn't yet visited his railroad.  It doesn't exactly fit in with the 1:20 scale steam
locomotives, but that's OK.
BUDD MEETS TROUBLE - Trouble the cat, that is, who was visiting Karl
with his owners.  Trouble was all over the railroad, walking on the roads,
sitting on roofs, crawling through the roundhouse, and watching the trains.
FIRST VISIT - I met up with Ken and Liz (and their grandchildren) at Karl's,
and in-vited them to visit the nearby Calvert Central.  They have been hosting
model railroad open houses for nearly 45 years!  They presently have a large G
scale railroad.
TOOT TOOT - Ken pulls the invisible whistle cord as they take a spin on the
Calvert Central.  Lilliann is hiding her face behind Owen.  Piney, Smokey, and
Dancer are grazing in the background wondering if they can join in the fun.
PEEKABOO - Another picture and Lilliann is still hiding her face behind her
THERE SHE IS - Finally the camera catches her before she hides again!
REGULAR VISITORS - I went back to Karl's where I met up with Bob and
his son Joseph, who have been visiting my G scale open houses every year for
over 10 years.  They've been keeping up with the website as well.  I invited
them to visit the Calvert Central after closing time at Karl's.
WAVING FOR THE CAMERA - Bob gives us a friendly wave while Joseph
drives the train.  The sun is starting to go down, and it's getting windy and
chilly.  But these guys were obviously having a great time despite the cold!