June 4, 2011
THE INTIMIDATOR - Kenny and his son Quinn stopped by this afternoon.  
Kenny is a NASCAR fan, so #3 means Dale Earnhart Sr.
TOOT TOOT - Kenny pulls the imaginary whistle cord and hears the
imaginary whistle.  Quinn is making sure the speed is fast enough to turn the
windmill blades.
COASTING - headed downhill into the woods.  It just started raining at this
PULLING - struggling uphill, the wheels are slipping on the wet rails.
I'LL FIX THE WATER TOWER - Quinn saw the pieces of the G scale water
tower and just HAD to fix it for me.
ALMOST DONE - Despite the lack of glue, he got it assembled as well as
possible, and then wanted to take the water tower for a ride.
TAKING HIS PRIZE TO THE TRAIN - He will take it for a ride in the mine
LOADING UP - He's got the car packed with a house, windmill, and water
TAKING IT FOR A RIDE - He pushes the car around the track, but not quite
fast enough to spin the windmill.  He set all the track switches himself.
SHOVING HARD - Now he's got a whole train.  It glided downhill all by
itself, but it took some hard pushing to get it up the hill.