AUGUST 26, 2012
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The weather was "iffy" all day - rain predicted but it never materialized.  So when my
daughter Kate and her husband Imad came by for a visit, we ran trains under the
threatening skies.
TELLTALES - Kate is riding under the new telltale pole, and it looks like she
she has about 6 or 7 inches of overhead clearance.
APPROACH - Overhead looks fine, but we can't be sure about side
clearance until she gets closer.
INSIDE - Dark but a brief respite from the light rain that just started.
OUT INTO THE RAIN - clearance is not an issue, but wet rails are starting
to cause the engine's wheels to slip as she goes uphill.
CLEARANCE FOR A VERY TALL MAN - Imad is 6 feet 5, no problem.
LEADING THE WAY - Candy runs ahead to show Kate the way to go from
SPEEDING - Imad was making good time going uphill despite the wet rails.  
We were spared most of the rain today.  Some areas near Baltimore got over
6 inches of rain today, but for us it didn't even start till 7:30 or so.
RAINING HARDER - The rain is starting to pick up now (notice the blur on
the lens at bottom right).  This is their last lap before putting the trains away.  
By the time we started back up to the house it started pouring.  It didn't let up
until 8:00 the next morning.
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