MARCH 18-27, 2011
BACK ON TRACK - after unloading and reassembly, this is her first picture
on the rails of the Calvert Central since the rebuilding started.
HEADING DOWNHILL - I had to take this picture fast because the Goose
was slowly coasting down the hill.  No, It doesn't have a parking brake yet.
STEERABLE BACK WHEELS - Here you can see how the rear axle has
turned to keep the wheels parallel to the track on a sharp curve.
FRONT VIEW - She's looking at the camera with those googly eyes.  It's still
mid March and I need to do some reballasting to straighten the sags in the
WIRING - Under the seat we have most of the components.  From left: battery
disconnect switch, fuseholder, terminal board, battery, and throttle connector.  
The green wires go to the motor.  I mounted the controller unit on the outside
for better cooling. The battery disconnect switch lever is on the outside too, in
the back.
SEAT BOX - I found a comfortable seat from a boat-supply store called
Eastern Marine.  To perch the seat on the Goose I had to build a box of 3/4
inch plywood.
RIDER'S PERCH - The boat seat fits nicely on the Goose.  Naturally I had to
give it a test ride, and let me tell you, it's just as comfortable as it looks.
LOW ANGLE VIEW - and behind the Goose you can see Bella of course,
but also Number 4, the golf cart, and the picnic table in the background.
TOPLESS - I took the top off the seat frame and now you can see right
through the windshield to the stakes in the back.
RIDING IN STYLE - Nice cushy seat!  Looks like Bella is trying to push, but
she's just getting ready to run full speed ahead of me.  The horses are ambling
toward us, in the hopes that they can munch on the greener grass in the Red
Zone.  Sorry, not today!