FEB. 22-MAR. 2, 2011
FRAME BEAMS - To keep the frame straight, we'll use 2x4's spaced 6 1/4
inches apart so the batteries can fit between them.  I notched them to fit the cab
and hood.  Then I cut and fit plywood templates to keep the 2x4's in place when
I flip the assembly over to attach them to the plywood.
FITTING THE CAB - I had to enlarge the openings in the cab to fit the
2x4's.  The same kind of thing had to be done to the hood plus cutting a taper
in the 2x4's to fit the front of the hood.
BASIC BODY - Everything fit OK after a few minor adjustments.  When the
weather warms up I will paint the frame black to match the cab and hood.
FRONT TRUCK - It looks a little high off the frame, but otherwise the front
of the Galloping Goose would be noticeably lower than the back.
WHEEL ASSEMBLIES ATTACHED - They now swivel freely and are
matched for height off the rails. Tomorrow I will make a turning mechanism for
the rear axle.
SO FAR SO GOOD - Here's what the Galloping Goose looks like on its new
frame.  Another week or two and we'll be done!
SELF STEERING - As the arm on the front truck swivels, it turns the angle of
the rear axle.  At least that's how it works in theory.  We'll be trying it out
soon!  (The weather was warm enough today to paint the underbody and
SWIVEL MECHANISM - A bolt protrudes from the rear axle plate through
an oblong hole in the front truck steering arm.  The threads of the bolt are
covered with the steel handle of a cheap paintbrush.
GOOSE STAND - I built a table just big enough for the Galloping Goose, 18
inches by 4 and a half feet, so it can sit in the garage off the floor.  The bucket
on the left functions as a jackstand to help lift the body off the rear wheel
MOTOR CHAIN - I ordered #25 roller chain and master links from a place
called and installed the chain on Tuesday.  The chain
was greasy so cutting and fitting the chain was a messy job.