FEB. 13-21, 2011
Galloping Goose No. 1 was one of our first purchases when we started the Calvert Central.  It's always been a very
vehicle but it's not the best-running locomotive on the railroad for several reasons: One, it has a big constant-speed motor,
but the top speed is kind of slow, the motor drains the batteries quickly, and there is no regenerative braking.  Two, the
single axle in the back causes extreme wear on the rails as it negotiates tight curves.  Because of the long wheelbase, the
back wheels run at an angle to the rails on curves. With this project we will replace the motor and add a controller similar to
our other engines, and we will add a swivel mechanism to enable the driver to steer the rear axle so it stays perpendicular to
the track on sharp curves.
AS DELIVERED - The Galloping Goose is a great-looking piece of equipment,
based on the Rio Grande Southern's No.1, a rail truck built from a 1925 Buick
Master Six. It enabled them to keep the mail contract yet save on the cost of
steam powered trains.
MECHANISM - on the original model, the motor is mounted on a hinged
frame, connected to an idler shaft by a drive belt.  Speed is controlled by a
lever on the cab roof.  As you pull back on the lever, the belt tightens, and off
she goes.
UNIQUE MEASURING TOOL - yes, it's a pizza baking stone, just the right
size to draw a 15-inch diameter circle for the Goose's new swivel plate.
BASIC SWIVEL PLATE - cut in a teardrop shape, this plate will hold the
axle, motor, and drive mechanism.  We started with cutouts for the wheels.
MAIN AXLE AND IDLER SHAFT - There is a sprocket on the main axle for
#40 chain but the new motor uses #25 chain.  Since replacing the main
sprocket would be a monumental task, I chose to use the idler shaft that we
already had, and attach the #25 sprocket to the idler shaft.
AXLE, IDLER, AND MOTOR - This is how the pieces line up.  I fitted the
#40 chain from the main axle to the idler shaft, and a #25 chain will go from the
idler shaft to the motor.  I got the #25 sprocket from
B&B Manufacturing.  
They have a great selection of sprockets and were very helpful in getting me
the right sizes.
WHEEL FOR THE SWIVEL PLATE - This is one of 4 wheel assemblies
from Harbor Freight which we will modify to help the drive assembly swivel
MODIFIED WHEEL - Using 1 inch aluminum angle and a 6 mm bolt, the
wheel can fit into an oblong hole in the motor car's plywood base.
ALL FOURS - The wheels are now installed.  This is something like the
swivel mechanism on a crane.  All wheels are perpendicular to the motion of
the plate.
PIVOT - In this view from the upper side of the base, the pivot is now installed
using a clevis pin.
WHEEL ASSEMBLY INSTALLED - The swivel plate including the wheel,
idler axle, and motor are now installed.  It swivels easily and smoothly.
turn with the axle to manage sharp curves without damaging the rail.