JULY 9-13, 2011
A vacation in opportunity to hunt down the six Galloping Geese spread throughout the state!  We were
able to find three at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, two in Ridgway, and one in Dolores...and even rode in
one of them!
NUMBER 7 - At the Colorado Railroad Museum, Number 7 was ready to go
when we arrived.  Soon we were sitting behind the driver for 3 laps around the
INTERIOR - Number 7's interior is in excellent condition, including plush seats
for the driver and the folks directly behind him.  The ride was very smooth.
NUMBER 2 - Sitting on a track by the roundhouse, it is dwarfed by the
full-size passenger car behind it.  The snowplow is bent but otherwise it's in
good shape.
NUMBER 6 - This is a Work Goose, also near the roundhouse at the CRM.  
This little flatbed rail truck is in very good shape cosmetically.
REPLICA OF NUMBER ONE - located about 400 miles away in Ridgway,
this fine replica was built a few years ago from a 1926 Buick Master Six.
NUMBER 4 - The volunteers at the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Museum in
Ridgway are in the process of restoring this one, which was moved from
NUMBER FIVE - After another 100 miles of mountain driving, including a
major downpour, we found Number Five at the Dolores depot.  The Goose
and the depot are in excellent condition, and this one is occasionally run at
Durango and Chama.
THE GALLOPING GOOSE - Some say it was named for the way these
vehicles waddled along the uneven track, some say it's from the sound of the
air horn.  But either way, it's great to see that this unique fleet is so well