JULY 6, 2011
FINALLY A WORKING HEADLIGHT - The Goat is the last of the 4 engines
to get a working headlight.  The Galloping Goose, Critter #2, and Critter #4 are
already done.
IT STARTS WITH A MALIBU LIGHT - This is a low-voltage light for
sidewalks, 12 volts, with a 4 watt bulb, sold at Home Depot for 4.97.
CUTTING A CASE THAT FITS - The end cap of a 2.5-inch plastic conduit
pipe is the perfect size for the headlight case.  It was cut and the ends filed
FRONT LENS - A piece of Plexiglas was cut, filed, masked, and painted.  
Then the bulb reflector and Plexiglas were attached to the case with 1/2 inch
WIRING - A miniature on/off switch was installed on the back of the headlight
case (a piece of .030 inch styrene).  Wires were routed under the bracket and
through the boiler front to a connector as used in Aristocraft G scale
loco-to-car wiring.
BRIGHT ENOUGH FOR YA? - I replaced the 4-watt bulb with a 7 watt.  
It's really bright, even in the daylight, maybe even too bright.  But it should
certainly light up the track ahead at night!