THE WIND IN HER HAIR - Lynn is really enjoying herself at the throttle.  It
looks like Art is holding an imaginary steering wheel.
TAKING MOM FOR A RIDE - Jeff is behaving himself at the moment,
driving his mother Barbara for a spin around the railroad.  I wonder what he's
up to next...
FRIENDLY ENGINEER - Jeff gives us a nice friendly wave as he passes by.  
Sandy is sending a video on her cellphone.  What will he be up to next?
ABSENTEE ENGINEER - Then Jeff set the cruise control and left Sandy to
fend for herself!  She took it all in stride, though, despite all the laughter going
RIDING BACKWARD - Ed is so confident of Jane's driving skills, he figured
why not enjoy a different view.
AND FORWARD IS OK TOO - and Jane gets a chance to relax in the
gondola car, that's right, IN the car, not on the seat!
LAST RIDE -  Don and Martha were the last ones to ride.  A few minutes later
they were helping to clean up and take things back up to the house.
PARTING SHOT - Don takes a photo of Martha as she drives off in the
distance, with the G scale coal train following her.