JUNE 18, 2011
ALONG THE OLD TRACKBED - The new G scale track will follow the
original route of the Calvert Central before the track was realigned for wider
BUDD CAR BY THE SASSAFRAS -It was such a nice little tree so we
detoured around it. The loop is designed so you can walk alongside a train all
the way around.
WOODPILE IN THE WAY- A number of logs had fallen off the pile and had
to be restacked and the area cleaned up before we could go any further.
SQUEEZING PAST THE TREE - The track had to be routed around the
tree but there's still room to walk between the G scale and the 1.5 inch scale
PIECE BY PIECE - The trackbed is made up of planks that are notched at the
ends to fit together, attached with drywall screws.
ALMOST DONE - the bare spot at the lower right is where the last piece of
track will go to complete the loop.  Sorry, no "Golden Spike Ceremony" this
CURIOUS DOG - Bella has never seen an Eggliner before.  Fascinating!
OLD HAT - A few minutes later she acts like she's seen it all before.
WHAT'S THIS? - The Budd Car is fascinating too!
WHO ME? He's acting innocent but look at how close those hooves are to the