April 18-30, 2010
MONDAY PROGRESS - On the 19th, I measured, set tee posts, dug in a
wood post, and installed a brace.  Then I stretched and secured the remaining
46 feet of horse fence.  Two days later I installed most of the tee posts for the
remaining 330 feet.
WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? A pizza cutter? No, a measuring wheel! I cut a
circle out of plywood, radius 9.55 inches, and mounted it to a 2x4 shaped like
a bicycle fork.  Roll it on the ground to measure distance; each revolution is
exactly 5 feet.
VIEW FROM THE BARN - It almost looks like it's done, but those are just
steel tee posts in the background with no fence installed yet.
HERE COMES BELLA - She was my helper today.  Smokey and Rain
Dancer are in the background, enjoying their last few days munching on the
driveway grass.
LAST BATCH OF TEE POSTS - I used up all the tee posts I had, plus a few
I scrounged from around the farm, and by the 23rd we were almost done.
GOLDEN SPIKE - Not much like the celebration at Promontory, but at least
the last two sections of fence have been joined and traffic can roll nonstop on
the new route.
DONE...FINALLY! - By April 30, all the final details were done: The insulators, the
electric tape, wiring, and fencing tightened and secured to all posts.  It took a full month to
get it done, and a lot of hard work, but it's now complete and I can get back to working
on the railroad!