March 24 - April 6, 2010
Up until now, to get to the railroad, we have to go through two horse pastures, opening and closing gates as we go so the horses
don't get out. Since we plan on hosting a lot more this year, we'd like to make it easier to get there.  So we came up with a plan:
rearrange the fencing and gates so that there is a 10-foot-wide path from the barn to the Red Zone with no gates to open and close
at all.  This project will involve several lengths of new fencing, removing some of the old fence, installing new gates, and re-installing
about 700 feet of fence.
BARNYARD FENCE - BEFORE - Instead of moving this fence over 10 feet,
we'll just build a new one and remove the old one.  The first new post is in the
NEW POSTS - I got to work digging post holes by hand - two on Friday and
7 on Saturday.  The digging went well but I was sore for days.
STRETCHING - This is the rig I used for stretching the fence.  It's a
come-along winch with a tool that clamps on the wire, grabbing harder the
tighter it gets.
NAILING ON THE FENCE - Paul and Lisa came by to help, and here they
are starting to nail in the fence with fence staples.  Bella is "helping."
OOPS - Paul was pulling hard to remove an old fence post, but when it gave
way, he went flying and landed on his bottom.  He certainly looks OK!
PINEY HELPS TOO - He is very curious and I'm sure he'd help if he could.  
He and Lisa are becoming good friends.  Bella wants in on the action too!
CHECKING IT OUT - Smokey and Piney are checking out the new barnyard
and its fresh grass.  You can see the buds on the Red Maples in the distance.
PHASE ONE COMPLETE - The electric ribbon has been installed and wired,
and the posts have been trimmed.  That's Piney laying down while Smokey
stands watch.
rented this one-man post-hole digger.  It worked out well. This particular hole
will hold a gate post at the entrance to the Red Zone.  9 holes later we were
done for the day.
AS DEEP AS IT GOES - The regular fencepost holes were drilled down to
30 inches but for the gate posts I dug down as far as the auger would reach -
36 inches.  But in both cases I still couldn't get all the dirt out of the hole.
HOMEMADE MINI-AUGER - I built this device - an aluminum disc mounted
to a 4-foot tapereded 2x4 with handle - a few twists and you can pull out the
dirt, no more than an inch at a time, but it works!
SET IN CONCRETE - As of April 6, all 4 gate posts are now set in
concrete.  Two of the post holes needed to be reworked to fit where I
wanted them to be.  It took four 60-pound bags o f concrete for the four