MAY 14-25, 2010
ACROSS THE BACK - With 20 more feet installed, the track is now across
the back of the property and starting its curve toward the crossing.  The shed is
to the right.
FINAL CURVE - We're about 45 feet from where the crossing will be.  
Today was hot and humid, and soon after this picture was taken we had a
WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? - Another gizmo from the mind of Mister
DUMP CART THINGIE - It should help with less spills while loading the dump
IT WORKS - Loading the dump cart without spilling gravel all over the place.
ANOTHER DELIVERY - more 3/4 stone and a collection of rocks.
TILT BED TRAILER - By raising the 3-point hitch on the tractor, the trailer
tilts nicely to help in unloading.
ALMOST DONE - 24 ten-foot sections of track are on the ground, and
we're a little short of where the crossing will be.  We'll need to build another
FRESH TRACK - That last piece was assembled less than an hour ago.  Soon
it will be time to build the crossing.
FUTURE CONNECTION - the track will cross the main line and join the
curved track in the background.  This is how far we got by May 16.
TIGHT SQUEEZE - The horses are checking out the trailer as it squeezes by
with a cubic yard of 3/4 stone.  It rained Monday and Tuesday, so we waited
till Thursday.
BACKING UP TO THE WOODS - The ground was dry enough to support
a trailer carrying 3000 pounds of crushed stone.
DELIVERY COMPLETE - After loading the trailer by hand and unloading it
by hand, this simple-looking pile represents a lot of hard work!
ANOTHER DELIVERY - This time it's a brand-new #6 turnout.  I worked
on it here and there for the last 4 days.  This time of year there's lots of things
to do!