MAY 1-13, 2010
I finished the fence project at dusk on April 30.  Twelve hours later I was getting tools and
materials ready for the next project - expanding the main line from 290 feet to 600 feet.  I had
already assembled 24 10-foot track panels and now it's time to get them on the ground and
bolted together.
TRIMMING THE GRASS - Smokey and Dancer are in the background
taking care of the grass that's overgrown around the tracks.  In the foreground
are the first three sections of track.
DIGGING IT DEEPER - the new tracks had a high spot so I pulled them out
of the way and dug a shallow trench using the tractor, a shovel, and an axe
(for the roots).  There is also a liner to keep the weeds from invading the
DUG OUT, LINED, AND READY - The liner comes from an old swimming
pool cover that we were going to throw out anyway.  Might as well recycle it!
TRACK BACK - Now the new track is even with the original track.  This
area is the highest point on the main line.
ANOTHER VIEW - On Sunday afternoon, looking from the other direction,
you can see the new track curve along the original.  By now, the fifth piece is in.
BELLA AND THE ESS CURVE - On Monday afternoon, Bella was my
helper.  We managed to install three more pieces.  We need some grading
work here as well.
ANOTHER 20 FEET - Tuesday afternoon I dug out the high spots from
yesterday and added two more sections of track.  Soon it will extend into the
WILD WILD WOODS - Amongst the ferns and May Apples and various
other forest vegetation is where the tracks will go.  Time to get some extra soil!
FOREST IS TAMED - I used the tractor to bring in some fill dirt from another
project, leveled it out, and used a tamper to make a nice base for the track.
HALF WAY THERE - 12 sections of track are on the ground, 12 to go. The
grade on the latest two sections is three percent.
CURVE IN THE WOODS - I had to use a good bit of fill dirt to help ease the
track downhill at a 2.5 percent grade and used a hand tamper to make a good
ACROSS THE FOREST FLOOR - Once past that first tree, the track could
rest directly on the forest floor.  I laid 5 sections (50 feet) of track today (May