MAY 7-8, 2011
FIRST TIME ON THE GOOSE - Yes, Paul's finally riding it as Bella looks
on.  Paul has a new dog named Goose and they will come to visit Bella and her
family soon.
SO FAR SO GOOD - The Galloping Goose ran great for a lap and a half,
and that's why Paul is all smiles.  Then it had a derailment and it was time to
NEIGHBORS - Next day we invited the family next door to come over and
ride the trains.  Here's Max, his father Ed, his sister Annalise, and his
neighbor yours truly.
Our passengers changed trains so that Max's mother Mickey could ride
with the rest of the family.  They live in the big white house in the
Mickey's parents were visiting from North Jersey.  They didn't want to ride the
trains today but they were quite happy so sit down and enjoy the show.