JUNE 2, 2013
Early on a Sunday morning, I was in a rush to take two locomotives to the garage in order to give them a battery charge
before the predicted afternoon showers.  One engine can go on the trailer but I was wondering how to get another one
on the golf cart at the same time - either a rack in the front (like a bike rack on the front of a city bus) or maybe it could
fit on the floor in front of the passenger seat.  It turned out the floor is a perfect fit.  So here's how I built a carrying rack
and a loading ramp.
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THE BASICS - It starts with a piece of 3/4 inch plywood long enough to hold
the back wheels.  The Critter fits in the space snugly.
HOLDING IT DOWN - A custom-cut piece of 2x3, with a 3/4 inch groove,
is bolted to the wall of the golf cart.
RAMP - A matching piece of plywood is cut, the track end is bevelled, and the
golf-cart end gets locating pins made of drywall screws filed on the ends.
LOADING - The Critter can climb up the ramp and onto the base plate
under its own power.  The original ramp was too short, hence the
pieced-together look.
READY TO ROLL - The Critter rides "shotgun" on the floor, but Candy gets
dibs on riding "shotgun" on the seat.
STOWED - The base plate and ramp fit nicely in the back of the cart.  
Candy stays in the cart so she won't get left behind.
TWO ENGINES PER TRIP - The camelback rides on the trailer and the
Critter on the golf cart.  The ride for the camelback is a lot rougher and