MAY 15, 2012
GIRDERS - The main girders are 2x12 treated lumber, 12 feet long, with a
5/4x3 piece (ripcut a 5/4x6 in two) bolted to each girder to hold the bridge's
ON SITE - The two assembled girders were delivered to the future bridge site
with the golf cart.  Yes, I'm mixing "business" with pleasure.
BASES ATTACHED - With the girders upside down, I attached 4'4" 2x10's
to the ends using lag bolts.
RIGHT SIDE UP - The assembled structure was flipped right side up and is
now in its final position.  The 3x8 temporary bridge was moved away - via
golf cart!
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We had been talking about building a covered bridge for some time now, so with the new line crossing a
ravine, we have the perfect spot.  It will be 12 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and built on a curve with a 2
percent grade.
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