AUG. 18, 2012
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TIGHT CLEARANCE - The bridge ends have ample overhead clearance - 5 feet off the rails - but the
sides were only 24 inches, which turned out to be a little tight.  So I figured 2 inches wider would help, one
inch per side.
PULLING OFF THE SIDING - The first step was to pull off the
siding using a crowbar. The upright 2x3 will get moved as well.
CUTTING OFF AN INCH - After the nails were removed, each of the 12
shakes were cut on the table saw and delivered back to the bridge site.
REINSTALLING SHAKES - Each one was squared along the
upright framing and installed with 6-penny finishing nails.
HALF DONE - The right side is now complete.  In about an hour,
the left side will be done.  26 inches clearance is a lot better than
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