July 26-29, 2012
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ROOFING - We're using dimensional roofing shingles, and this is the first time
I've worked with them.  I got the tarpaper, starter course, and 4 rows done the
first day.
STORM CLOUDS - The sky suddenly grew dark, so I finished as much
roofing as I could and hurried back to the house before the thunderstorm hit..
BACK SIDE - The next morning I was back to work.  Lining up these shingles
is different from 3-tab shingles, but it's easy once you get the hang of it.
ROOF COMPLETE - On the third day I finished the top rows and installed
the ridge.  To reach it I had use a ladder based on the 4x4's.
CLAPBOARD SIDING - We're using old 1x6's, some donated by Paul and
some from old 3-rail fencing. The template is used for accurately spacing the
boards at 5 inches.  Under the bottom board is a 3/4 x 3/4 inch piece to start at
the correct angle.
SIDING DONE - Eleven rows at a 5 inch spacing, with an open area at the
top like most of the covered bridges I've seen.  I had only 3 decent 12-foot
boards, so the rest are patched together. It will look much better after a paint
PEEK-A-BOO - Charlotte and Candy peek through the opening.  The sun is
at a nice angle this time of day.  Charlotte thinks the siding should be one row
PAINTED - Here's what it looks like after a coat of paint.  I used Sears
Weather-beater Satin in "Red Zing."  The trim strip makes the opening look
EAST END - This side was built Saturday, painted that afternoon, and
photographed in the Sunday morning sunshine.
WEST END - Sunday the other end was built and painted by early afternoon.  
Notice the framing at the "window" has been painted too.
TALL AND SLIM - This view shows how the ends look.  The opening's
height is five feet above the rails and the width is 24 inches.
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