JULY 16-23, 2012
BEFORE - This is the way it looked two months ago.  Meanwhile we laid
track, reconfigured Sassafras Junction, and built a girder bridge.  Now it's time
to get back to work on the covered bridge.
AFTER - Work was slowed down by the heat and humidity, but Saturday
was unusually cool, so it was a great day to work on the bridge.  Now after 7
days' work, the framing is complete and the roof plywood installed.
ROOF TRUSS TEMPLATE - 27-inch 2x3's, cut at a 30 degree angle, are
placed on the template. They are joined together with triangle-shaped plywood
ATTACHING GUSSETS - The center gussets are attached to the 2x3's using
wood glue and 4-penny nails. There are also gussets at the ends for the vertical
FIRST TRUSS INSTALLED - It had to be symmetric in shape, square from
one side of the bridge to the other, and 90 degrees from the girders.
AND NOW THERE'S THREE - They are installed at centers of
22,23,23,22,18,18, and 18 inches allowing for a 6 inch roof overhang on a
12-foot bridge.
AND NOW THERE'S FIVE - The vertical framing is made of 2x3's in the
center and 2x4's on the ends.  Each board is notched to fit on the inside of the
bridge's main girders.
SIZE PERSPECTIVE - As you can see, the bridge isn't that tall, about 6 and
a half feet above the tops of the ties.  Candy is now 6 months old and weighs
28 pounds.
DADDY'S LITTLE HELPER - Well, not much of a helper, but at least she's
close by, taking a little nap on the floor of the golf cart.
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FRAMING COMPLETE - All the trusses are now installed and adjusted so
the all the ends line up.  The side-to-side adjustments are done by adjusting
the angle of the side gussets against the vertical framing (using drywall screws
and no glue).
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