October 23-24, 2010
I have a number of engines that have empty coupler pockets in front.  So I thought why not make some dummy couplers
out of plywood scraps.  These couplers will never pull anything, we just need something that will look like a coupler.  So
here goes.
After I cut a second piece I filed off the rough edges and then glued them
together with Titebond glue.  The holes are from finishing nails I used instead of
Next I used the bandsaw and a file to trim the shank and shape the coupler.
Overhead view, showing the outline of a generic knuckle coupler.
I added a small square to the top and gave it a coat of flat black spray paint.
Here is the finished product on the pilot of Engine No. 4.  Looks like a real
I made a pattern out of .040 styrene, traced it onto a piece of 3/4 plywood,
and cut it on the bandsaw.  I used a lot of cuts to get the inside profile right.