July 16, 2011
During our Colorado vacation, we made sure to stop by at the July Run Day at the Colorado Live Steamers, located in
Myers, about 40 miles east of Denver.  The folks there were very friendly and helpful, and despite the hot weather, we
had a great time.
This trestle and truss bridge divide sky from land in this photo.  To the left is a tunnel, and to the right is a 3 percent slope down to the lower loop.
The club railroad's name is the Bijou Creek and Western Railroad.  This is the
clubhouse, and upstairs is a nice air-conditioned meeting room.
The Bijou Creek Depot is a relatively new structure, the main station for
boarding trains.  Today it's quiet, but sometimes this depot is crowded with
When I got there, Rich was firing up his Colorado and Southern #70, a
beautiful live-steam locomotive in 2.5-inch-to-the-foot scale.
Soon we were on board for a nice long ride.  Our narrow-gauge train has
stopped for a meet with this standard-gauge Pacific.
Entering a tunnel.  The engine is fired with diesel fuel, so you get a good whiff
as the train goes through the tunnel.  But you don't have to worry about cinders!
As soon as we got out of the tunnel, our train glided across the long trestle in
the top photo.  The track ahead will curve to the right and go down the hill.
An abandoned station, built along the classic lines of a branch-line depot.
Accucraft's new 4-wheel switcher was on display at the steaming bays.
Here are a couple view's of Rich's craftsmanship on a 2.5-inch scale stock car.  Every possible piece of hardware has been faithfully