FEB. 26 - MAR. 12, 2012
BEFORE - at the southwest corner of our property, a rectangular area about 60 feet by 80
feet was fenced off and left to Mother Nature.  It got taken over by multiforal rose, full of
nasty thorns.
BRIAR PATCH - as you can see, the area was thick with briars.  Our goal
was to take this area back from the wild and expand the railroad.
PATHWAY - I removed the fence and cut back the thorns and vines.  In this
picture is a pathway cleared through the brush.  Compare with the photo
STRETCHING THE FENCE - To properly install wire-mesh fencing, it has to
be stretched at the corner posts.  I'm using a come-a-long winch, chain, and
FENCED IN - The fence has been installed around the first corner.  Because
of rough terrain, I had to leave a small triangular area in the corner unfenced
MOVING THE BRIDGE FLOOR - The easy way, pull it with a golf cart.
BRIDGE INSTALLED - Later this will become a covered bridge.
CLEARED OUT - The poor tree was getting strangled (see photo above).  It
took a lot of lopping and a lot of thorns in the hands to get to this point.
RAILROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY - In a few months there will be a railroad
track here. In the distance it curves right and crosses a small ravine.
WEST SIDE - The track will continue up the hill along the west fence and
then curve to the right.  Eventually it will add 480 feet of track to the existing
610 feet.
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